Societal Computing Lab

Welcome to the SoCo Lab at Indiana University Bloomington! We are a group of researcher trying to make a difference in the world. We are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives we touch!


Our research focuses on applying theories, techniques, and research methods to address societal issues and create technologies that impact society.

  • Social support for marginalized and underserved populations
    • People living with HIV
    • People with Autism spectrum disorder
    • People with epilepsy
    • People with mental health and substance abuse issues
  • Fostering care for animal and environmental conservation efforts
    • Animal-assisted therapy technologies
    • Wellness and enrichment technologies for animals in captive environments
    • Automated inference of animal behavior based on computer vision and sensor data
    • Using social media to support citizen science for understanding migratory patterns

Current Lab Members

Dr. Patrick C. Shih
Assistant Professor

Aehong Min
PhD Candidate

Cassie Kresnye
PhD Candidate

Master’s Students

  • Yash Kumar (DS)
  • Sumeet Sarode (DS)
  • Jashjeet Singh Madan (DS)
  • Rushabh Shah (DS)
  • Ishita Kumar (CS)
  • Manuja Sanjay Bandal (CS)
  • Sairaj Rajendra Gaonkar (CS)
  • Kaustubh Dattatraya Bhalerao (CS)
  • Suyash Santosh Poredi (CS)
  • Bhakti Sunil Narvekar (CS)
  • Sonia Ashok Kargutkar (CS)
  • Daksha Maruti Nagre (CS)
  • Sundara Pranamya Vaadlamani (CS)

Undergraduate Students

  • Alec Andrew Theisz (INFO)
  • Megan Furness (Biochemistry)
  • Dara Groves (Psychology)
  • Oliver Melbourne Allen (INFO)
  • Kenneth Harper (INFO)
  • Samantha Rasmussen (CS)
  • Mia Gallardo (Astronomy and Astrophysics)
  • Christina Col√≥n (INFO)
  • Cristian A. Villanueva (INFO)